Monday, October 1, 2007

Anonymous Flickr mom spends months as the Babble "pothead mom" who likes to smoke pot around her kids

This photo, which Babble has implicitly acknowledged as being stolen from Flickr without the user's knowledge, permission, or consent was used to illustrate one of its highest-viewed stories (almost 20,000 views) about a mom who think it's great to smoke pot while playing with her kids. Merits of that intentionally controversial argument aside, YOU WOULD THINK BABBLE WOULD HAVE GIVEN SOME THOUGHT TO THE PHOTO OF THE MOM AND THE KID THAT ACCOMPANIED THE STORY, rather than just stealing it from an anonymous Flickr user.

See the "new" photo here.

Update: Original photo stolen by Nerve Media to illustrate story about a mom who smokes pot with her kids---which the author was too cowardly to publish except under pseudonym---here.